February Tea/Coffee at the World Bank
  The World Bank-MC  
An informal gathering for Cambridge Alumni. RSVP required.

The Bank and IMF are full of Cambridge alumni, and afternoon coffees are a favorite ritual. Please note that all Cambridge alumni are welcome to attend, but getting visitor passes can be difficult. If you are not an employee of the Bank/IMF, please contact webmaster@cantabdc.org to RSVP no later than one day before the event to request a visitor's pass. If a Vistor's pass has been arranged for you, you will have received a reply stating such.
If you are an external visitor and you have received confirmation of your visitor's pass, please note the following as navigating the Bank can be quite tricky! The visitor's entrance is located on the 18th Street side of the Main Complex of the World Bank, please bring a valid government issued photo ID. Once inside the building please proceed down one floor to the Millenium Café at the MC-C1 level and grab a tea. Note there are two café's at the Bank's Main Complex; the Cantab Coffee congregates at the cafe on the lower level in the seating area adjacent to the Millenium Café. The tea/coffee does not last more than an hour and if the crowd is small it can last as little as 20 minutes, so if you intend to come please be punctual! 
This event is open to Oxonians in the Bank/IMF as well in order to help folks in all of our institutions develop an even wider personal and professional network. Please therefore let your alumni colleagues know about this enjoyable and informal get-together, and we will see you with latte in hand!  

**If you would like to organize a get-together at work, please contact cantabsocdc@gmail.com for details of how to do so! 


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Event Information
Thursday, Feb 20 2014 at 3:00pm - 4:00pm [ iCal ]
The World Bank (Main Complex)
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20433 USA