Cantab DC Light Blue Practice on the Potomac  

Call for Light Blue Rowers!

Half slide, three-quarters, full! Rowing season is beginning soon! Here's what you need to know...

The warmer weather brings thoughts of getting out on the water again… Did you row while at Cambridge – at any level? Did you not row, but still dreamed of learning sometime in life? Are you male or female, and breathing? Then you should join us in having fun preparing for “The Other Boat Race”, against “The Other Place” on the Potomac River this Fall. 

You definitely do NOT have to be experienced, young, or super-fit (though we wouldn’t turn you down if you were). Half of our men’s crew last year was over 50, but those folks want to graduate to the Masters boat and let some younger blood take the main boat this year.

For those new to the area, we try and field three boats – a Men’s, a Ladies’, and a Masters’. We practice on Saturday mornings over the summer in preparation. We usually row from Thompson’s Boat Club near the Kennedy Center, and then go for breakfast in Georgetown afterwards.

On race day, we row for the Potomac Challenge Cup from just above Key Bridge to the boathouse and, win or lose, attend a convivial post-Race reception with crew, friends, family and supporters of both universities, afterwards. It’s one of our biggest alumni events of the year. It’s fun to get to know your crewmates, and it’s good exercise. So why not be an active part of it this year?

If you want to know more, you can read on the Cantab DC Alumni Boat Club webpage, or you can email if you would like to be put on the email list for notices of practices; please state your name, college, and past experience in rowing (or your desire to begin!).




Instructional Videos for Beginners




All participants must agree to the following statement in order to partake in practices or races: "I understand that participation in the Potomac Boat Race and associated training and practices is voluntary. By signing this permission/release form, I specifically acknowledge that I am releasing the Cambridge Society of Washington DC, its Directors, Officers and volunteers from all liability, claims, money damages, lawsuits and attorney's fees resulting from any incident occurring during training, practices, the race or any other activities associated with the Potomac Boat Race."


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