Volunteer for Cantab DC  

Call for Volunteer Organizers

Do you want to get more involved with Cantab DC?

Want to get involved more involved with one of the most active Cambridge alumni societies in North America? We are growing and we need more help!
We are looking for two or three volunteers to join our small but dedicated band of alumni organizers who plan and manage our events. So become a Cantab DC Ents organiser! Or enquire about the Society Board Nominations process. Both of these roles are open to those who want to get their hands dirty in the organization of the society. We are NOT looking for 'big picture' volunteers, but we are looking for detail-oriented alumni who may (or maynot) have had experience with event planning and do want to contribute to the planning of the society and its functions. We exist solely on the collective efforts and hard work of our members. It's your Society, and this is your chance to own a piece, get creative, and contribute, and meet some great colleagues along the way.
You don't need any professional event-planning experience, just a desire to create some fun times for your alumni colleagues. The time commitment is not huge, at one committee meeting a month, and you won't be working alone. Why not help create the event YOU would be excited to attend? We especially need help with the following:
  • Planning a Garden Party in Spring
  • Planning the Boat Race in early Fall
  • Planning a Guy Fawkes night dinner in early November
  • Planning a Holiday Party in December (complete with mulled wine and minced pies!)
  • Planning a Burns Night in late January
  • Planning Happy Hours
  • Planning a speakers event (or series) with interesting lecturers/speakers
  • Planning a museum/theater outing
  • Planning a wine-tasting, dinner or tea/coffee
  • Planning Cambridge participation at a larger event
  • Planning Networking Events
  • Plan an interest group gathering, such as:
  • Recruiting sponsors and organizing member benefits
  • Planning any event of interest to you!  
A Call to Local Club Members. As we plan future events for alumni, we are also seeking alumni who are members of local clubs and societies, or who have access to certain venues or facilities, who would be willing to assist us in working with these groups. Currently, we are looking particularly (but not exclusively) for alumni who are members of: 
  • Local boat/rowing clubs, to help out the Cantab DC Alumni Boat Club with access to facilities for our next alumni Cambridge-Oxford Potomac Boat Race; 
  • Social clubs such as the Cosmos Club, the Metropolitan Club, or the University Club, to help us explore opportunities for hosting Cantab DC events in the facilities available there. 
Calling Non-DC Residents! Do you live just outside of DC in Maryland or Northern Virginia and want to connect with other Cambridge alumni but find that Cantab DC events too far and inconvenient to get to? Then Contact us about organizing a Happy Hour or event in your area. It's actually rather easy! You pick the venue and time/date. We will advertise it for you; all you have to do is show up and greet people.
If you are at all interested or willing, please send your name and email address to webmaster@cantabdc.org for more information.

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