Guy Fawkes Night
  Guido Fawkes  
Join Cantab DC for dinner and a theatrical re-enactment of the trial of Guy Fawkes!

Hear ye! Hear ye! All British University alumni good and true, Gentlemen and Ladies, are hereby Summoned by His Majesty King James, to be part of the Esteemed and Noble Jury at the Washington re-trial of the villainous Guido Fawkes and his dastardly co-consiprators, on the charge of Highe Treason most fowel.
We all learned of Guy Fawkes's 1605 plot to blow up Parliament when we were in elementary/primary school. As children we all thrilled in being able to stay up late for the annual garden bonfire and firework celebration of that infamous night, complete with the burning of a "Guy" in effigy, every November 5th. There was surely no more dastardly a plot, no more plainly guilty a villain ever caught red-handed, as Fawkes, and few events so pivotal to the subsequent course of English and Scottish history.
But did Fawkes really get a fair trial? Was he manipulated by others in a larger conspiracy? Was justice served, or was it miscarried in the anti-Papist hysteria of the day, as Antonia Frasier and others have recently suggested? 
Come to the re-trial of Guy Fawkes and hear prominent local Cambridge alumni attorneys argue the case anew, in entertaining fashion, in front of YOU, the audience, who will get a chance to ask your own questions, and then serve as the jury, deciding whether Guy Fawkes should indeed have been hung, drawn and quartered after all -- or acquitted.
God save his Most Gracious Majesty, King James I of England!
The evening will take place at ye olde Elephant and Castle Pub on Pennsylvania Avenue (n.b. there are two E&C locations in Washington so please be sure to show up to the right one). The registration fee of $40 a head covers dinner (a selection of British dishes is offered including a vegetarian option), coffee/tea, service and a private room; we will have a barman on for the night for a cash bar. Please register at the event link below to reserve your vote in this epic and historical decission! Seats within spitting distance of the gallows, six pence extra.
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Event Information
Saturday, Nov 3 2012 at 6:30pm [ iCal ]
Elephant and Castle Pub
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20004