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Join the Cantab DC Light Blue Crew as they prepare for that Other Boat Race

The Cantab DC Alumni Boat Club trains on the Potomac every summer, culminating in the Cambridge-Oxford Potomac Challenge Cup in early Autumn; usually Colombus Day weekend. The race, of course, follows in the tradition of the The Boat Race in London, where Cambridge and Oxford Crews compete for the coveted champion title.

The 'Potomac Challenge' involves three boats – a Men’s VIII, a Ladies’ IV, and a Masters’ IV, each of which meet their Oxford competitors above Key Bridge and ends around the Georgetown Waterfront. All eligible rowers must be either Cambridge or Oxford alumni and must live in either Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia. To be eligible for the Past Masters boats, individuals must be age 55 or above. The winner of the cup is the winner of the majority of the races. It has been affectionately called “The Other Boat Race” against “The Other Place”. It is one of Cantab DC's biggest alumni events of the year. Discover more about the historic foundation of the Potomac Boat Races online.

If you would like to know more about the Cantab DC Boat Club, or if you wish to join the crew; then please read our Call for RowersIf you want to be placed on the email list for notices of practicesplease email and state your name, college, and past experience rowing or your desire to begin.    

It must be understood that the Cambridge Society of Washington DC does not own boats or run practices. All participants must furthermore explictly agree to the following statement in order to partake in practices or races: "I understand that participation in the Potomac Boat Race and associated training and practices is voluntary. By signing this permission/release form, I specifically acknowledge that I am releasing the Cambridge Society of Washington DC, its Directors, Officers and volunteers from all liability, claims, money damages, lawsuits and attorney's fees resulting from any incident occurring during training, practices, the race or any other activities associated with the Potomac Boat Race."

Similarly no refunds can be given by any organizer for services rendered.

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Suport the Light Blue of DC! If your company or organization is interested in supporting the Cambridge Boats, please take a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities for corporate benefits and more information! Or feel free to make an online donation to our society to help support the Cambridge Boat Club as it prepares for the Cambridege-Oxford Potomac Challenge Cup. 





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