Hinc lucem et pocula sacra

A parting address to the Society

Dear Fellow Cantabrigians,

After three fulfilling years serving on the Society Board - first as webmaster and then as President - my term has now come to an end. When I first came to DC after graduating Cambridge I immediately found the group to be welcoming and friendly, which we have tried to maintain as a hallmark of our Society's character. Over these past years, it has been a pleasure to work with the successive boards as we have endeavored to build a little piece of Cambridge here in DC, while enjoying the company of old friends and making new ones along the way.

The sense of community we have built so many miles away from Cambridge - spanning across the Atlantic to the residents of two states and the Federal District of Colombia - speaks not only to the positive experiences we had while in university, but to the character and commitment of people that make up this society right here in DC.

As we move into this next year, I am particularly excited to see an eager new Society Board ready to take the leadership helm. David Humphries, Chairman of the Board of Directors, recently announced the appointment of the following volunteers who will take over the management of our Society, including: 

  • President- Simone Maini (St. John's)
  • Vice President - Bob Forte (Selwyn)
  • Treasurer - Elena Loukoianova (Queens')
  • Secretary - Alan Hickling (Emmanuel)
  • Associate VP Comms & Newsletter - Ariane Rosen (Clare Hall)
  • Associate VP Sponsorships - Pete Macleod (Downing)
  • Associate VP Events - Sarah Gail Ross (Peterhouse)
  • Associate VP Events - Robert Yates (Homerton)
  • Associate VP Events - Gerard Manion (King's)
  • Associate VP Events - Chris Greenroyd (St. John's)
  • Associate VP Events - Mehvish Muneera (Cantab)
  • Associate VP Events - Lindsay Chura (Cantab)
  • Associate VP & Boat Club Captain - Vacant
  • Webmaster - Vacant

This 2014-2015 Society Board will form the heart of the Society in Washington DC and will be charged with organizing various activities, such as our monthly First Thursday Drinks, along with our annual Burns Night, Christmas Party, Potomac Challenge Cup, and Boat Race Telecast Party amongst other events. It is the dedication of these Society Board members, which keeps the society growing year after year. At this time I'd also like to give a special thanks to our retiring Treasurer, Josef Martens, who was instrumental in establishing the Society. Of course this changing of the gaurd does not mean that we have our Society Board set in stone. We always welcome new volunteers, so if at any point during the coming year you find yourself with a hankering to put on a new event, or would like to get involved in the organization then please do get in touch with Simone to voice your interests.

As David pointed out in last year's Christmas address, many of us find ourselves so often participating in the Society in order to be a part of the continuity of human experience as it achieves artistic, philosophical and scientific advancements. The only place that I find as suitable to Cambridge in experiencing these advancement is in the company of Cambridge graduates right here in DC, thus I am reminded of the motto Hinc lucem et pocula sacra (translated as "From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge"). As we have all walked various paths since leaving Cambridge I am hopeful that we can use the precious knowledge attained at Cambridge to give back to society in support of this basic purpose of our existence; a sentiment that is reiterated in the Vice-Chancelor's recent addresswhere he states the role of the University in contributing to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research. I look forward to seeing what advancements our members and the Unversity can achieve in the years to come. 

Until next time,

Blair Edward Lapres (Darwin)

Cantab DC, President Emeritus