2015-2016 Society Board Nominations

Join the Cambridge Society of Washington DC Board!

Do you ever look at the newsletter and think “I wish there were more events!” or “I’ve got a great idea for an event!” Well now’s your chance to do something about it!

Every year, in September or October, we elect fresh alumni to serve on the Society Board. We are now seeking nominations for the various offices of the Society Board as well as people willing to help organize events.

We are seeking nominees for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. We are also seeking Associate Vice Presidents. These are the key organizers who help to run events (such as the Boat Race, Burns Night, Garden Party).

In all of these roles, we are seeking those who want to get their 'hands dirty' in the organization of the society. We are NOT looking for 'big picture' volunteers, but we are looking for detail-oriented alumni who may have had experience with event planning (or are at least willing to learn!) and who do want to contribute to the planning of the society and its functions.

We exist solely on the collective efforts and hard work of our members. If we receive more nominations than positions, we will put the contested positions to vote. Voting is run by the Board of Directors, the oversight body of the society.

No experience is necessary and the workload is light, as long as everyone pulls their weight. The one qualification we really require is commitment and the willingness to get  involved. As in any volunteer society it is the quality of the volunteers that makes it work – if you have an idea, you take the lead in making it reality. 

If you want to know more about the responsibilities of a specific position, please write to  webmaster@cantabdc.org and one of the team will get back to you with more information. Please note that in 2016 we intend to shift the election period to spring (April/May) so for 2015-16, officers will serve 8 months, rather than a full 12. A good time to try it out!

How do I nominate?

In order to nominate yourself or a fellow alum, please write to David Humphries, Chairman of the Board of Directors (the separate body that oversees the Society in its 501 (c)(3) status), explaining why the nominee would be good for the position. If you are nominating someone else, make sure they are interested in running  before you nominate them! If you are interested in being an Associate Vice President, please write briefly to explain your interest, what event(s) you would be interested in helping to run, any specialist skills or interests. Please email your nominations to cantabdcelections@yahoo.com.

DEADLINE for NOMINATIONS: September  30th.

Voting will begin mid-October and end with the November First Thursday Drinks (November 5). We will send out an e-blast letting everyone know when you can begin to vote.