Creative Thinking Solutions International, LLC.





Creative Thinking Solutions Int'l provides materials, activities and solutions for 1) critical & creative thinking, 2) leadership, and 3) language to educational institutions and related organizations worldwide. Our services enhance the academic, intellectual and professional performance of clients from all walks of life, from primary-school level to universities, and beyond.

Founded by Dr. Joseph Pesce, Ph.D. (Peterhouse), we are thought-leaders in our areas of activity and provide novel, unique, and bespoke products to our clients in schools, academia, and the private sector, helping them solve problems and be better global citizens.  Our activities include:

  • Staff Training & Education programs and courses

  • Student Education programs and courses

  • Curricula (either from scratch or modify existing)

  • Online educational programs

  • Parent support (consulting, training)

  • Extracurricular activities (cultural exchanges, workshops, camps, retreats, and many others)

  • Seminars (in-person or virtually)

  • Educational Consulting

  • Language-support programs (online language conversation; proof-reading; mentoring)

Our language activities center around our SpeakDeckTM product, an online conversation platform for learners of English and other languages (

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Creative Thinking Solutions International, LLC.

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